Selected Calligraphic Moon Writings

Visual Poetry /Dan Ivec

:: The Last Acrobats ::

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:: The Empty Sky, The Lonely Kitchen & The Endless Forest ::

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:: Only One Room Has A Star Ladder ::

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From the writer

:: Account ::

The language is written in a script that includes many logograms. It is a combination of words that refer to standardized speech sounds and also recurring images—many of them birds—which represent ideas and emotions, like in a hieroglyph. This language is mostly read on the moon and in other outer space climes. I have included some images of poetry written in this language. I will not attempt to translate these works as it saddens me to revisit them. I will, however, briefly allude to the contents of each poem.

The first image is of “The Last Acrobats” and it takes place on a distant star. You can see some creatures holding on to a sun and using it as a type of Ferris wheel. Two others walk on a wire above the whole town. And there is a chaotic little sea on this star that is dancing so wild by itself below the buildings. The constant commotion on this star caused it to fling itself further and further into deep space, and it has not been visited in many years. That is the context of this poem, and it is written in a sad, elegiac mode.

The second poem consists solely of symbols and no script. A very terse and strained work, it is really just a short list of troublesome feelings. It is called “The Empty Sky, The Lonely Kitchen & The Endless Forest.” In between jobs, I once spent a year wandering through the forests in the “lost” province of the moon. This poem really captures that time.

The final work, “Only One Room Has A Star Ladder” tells of a famous district in my favorite city. This is the city where I once lived. In some buildings, the occupants have affixed to their windows enormous ladders that go nowhere and are only used for sightseeing. Climbing such ladders is great fun and, to be honest, is still the only thing I really want to do.


Dan Ivec is the author of On the Stairs (Meekling Press, 2014). He currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.