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The tenuous relationship that exists between what is usually considered natural versus that which is artificial and the subsequent synthesis of these elements are ongoing explorations in my work.

In the visual arts, “Nature” is most often depicted as that which is untouched by the hand of man. My work extends the definition of NATURE to all things, including the man-made world, and consequently regards it with the same sense of wonderment. Working in series in a wide range of media from photography to kinetic sculpture, various hybrids of this synthesis and wonderment are created in my work. The approach might be identifying and employing shared physical and visual patterns, as with the machine series. Or it may result from combining a mechanical/systematic approach with organic materials.

The images featured were created using liquid graphite and a plastic composite paper. Visually and materially, they conflate the language of photography, drawing, and painting. To avoid controlling the image too much, brushes are rarely used. When the graphite puddles, it appears reflective—capitalizing on its mineral qualities. When watered down, it crawls across a surface, separating and leaving behind incidental patterns. By allowing the materials to move freely and collaborate with one another, these images, suggestive of nascent landscapes or aerial perspectives, can almost be seen to generate themselves.


Originally from the Southern U.S., MaDora Frey is a multi-media artist and curator working in New York City. Her current work takes the form of kinetic sculptures, and works on paper in various media. Frey has exhibited both domestically and internationally with solo shows in Seattle, Washington and New York City. She studied at the Florence Academy, Florence, Italy and received her MFA, magna cum laude, from the New York Academy of Art. Her work is held in numerous private collections.