Three Works

Art / Kelda Martensen

 From the artist

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These works aim to communicate the unresolved and to illuminate the poetics of home and displacement. I create and reposition forms on the surface to allow for physical movement within the frame and the free association of process, concept and material. I see collage as a code, a way of thinking and a vehicle for approaching a conceptual destination. With collage, memory and current experience can exist on one plane. I use architectural symbols (doors, roofs, siding, hardwood floors) in order to speak to ideas of place – specifically how memories of home and place are altered through current experience yet are forever associated with the architectural features of the past. I don’t see the past isolated from the present and so gather and create representations (photos, drawings, prints) from places I’ve lived at different times in my life and create new relationships between seemingly incompatible and disparate icons.

The reevaluation and repositioning of these images is a way for the viewer to travel within the work and to experience multiplicity within the frame. My passion in art making is both in the fixed, graphic mark of the print, and the more mobile and reactive tradition of drawing and collage. Through the collapsing of images and experiences, my work aims to disrupt the linear plane and allow for the possibility of new meaning.  


Kelda Martensen maintains a studio practice based in paper, book and print arts. She serves as full-time visual arts faculty at North Seattle Community College and received her MFA in Visual Art from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art at Washington University in St. Louis. Kelda was born in Tacoma, Washington and lives and works in Seattle. She can be found at