Sonnet (8)

Poetry / Nikki Wallschlaeger

:: Sonnet (8) ::


                    Do not feed the negativity machine
                    it gives us light, beautiful signs of blight
                    We should all be oyster joyous & keyless
                    When we have our geometries managed
                    And the intersections waiting on tables
                    showing us how to be better at patience
                    We can feel a little now when the mayors of
                    The dead have taken care of the layering
                    Before the next afterparty is born
                    That we are going to be abundantly
                    Pleasant & quiet on a payday afternoon.

                    “We’re only human,” says guidance counselor.
                    “When you accept yourself, everyone wins.”


From the writer

:: Account ::

Form is everywhere & it’s useless to deny it, so I like to play with the illusion of having control. This is from a series of sonnets that I’ve placed into small buildings, but since the bank owns the buildings that I move in, I am only paying mortgage. We have an understanding. The sonnet has agreed to the task of my subversions, that the security guard is on a permanent lunch break so we can get inside. A window that is open on the top floor? A claw in the painting? These are my micro-victories against hegemony.


Nikki Wallschlaegers work has been featured in DecomP, Esque, Word Riot,
Spork, Likewise Folio, Horse Less Review, Storyscape Journal, Coconut,
Bone Bouquet (forthcoming, in collaboration with Laura Goldstein), and others.
She is also the author of the chapbook THE FROGS AT NIGHT (Shirt Pocket
Press) and the chapbook, I WOULD BE THE HAPPIEST BIRD (Horseless Press), as well as Associate Poetry Editor at Coconut Poetry. She lives in Milwaukee,
WI, and you can reach her at