General Information

Please review our submission guidelines for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction on Submittable. We do read simultaneous submissions; however, if you withdraw a submission (or part of a submission) we ask that you do this through Submittable and not through our editorial email address.

We are open to a diverse range of styles, including experimental and hybrid work. The best way to decide if The Account is a good fit for your work is by reading an issue of the journal. All issues can be read for free on our website.

We read submissions from May 1st – September 1st and November 1st – March 1st. 

Simul­ta­ne­ous sub­mis­sions are wel­come, but you must withdraw your work imme­di­ately if it is no longer avail­able. Authors retain their copy­right and will receive a con­tract upon acceptance.  

We require that you send us not only your creative work, but also an account of that work.

account = history, sketch, marker, repository of influences

The account is an opportunity for the artist to lift the curtain and say something that might not be present on the page. We are interested in exploring the relationship between what is known (the work on the page) and what is often left unknown (the artist’s intentions behind that work). By pairing each piece of art with an account, readers of the journal will also get to experience the piece in two different ways simultaneously, with two different levels of intimacy.

What you reveal is up to you. An account can be personal or formal—it is entirely up to the artist. We ask that if you choose to be satir­i­cal, you do so in ser­vice of your work. We are most inter­ested in how you would track­ the choices, influ­ences, and thought that make up your aes­thetic as it per­tains to the work in question, or to your larger body of work. In other words, what went into making this work? What was on your mind? What brought you to the page or into the studio to create this piece?

We will not con­sider work sub­mit­ted with­out an account, although an account may be changed or rewritten after a piece has been accepted.

Criticism operates on a solicitation-only basis.

Art currently operates on a solicitation-only basis. However, if you are interested in sending us a work sample, CV, and query letter, you are welcome to via the address below.

General info: poetryprosethought – at gmail – dot – com

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