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Poetry / Matt Trease

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rec: 09:51:08
fr: unknown

sHe wS bOrn w/ rOsEs
iN hEr i’S & I’m
luKnG2 sTeEl a
bEauTifUl iMg N
uNuSuaL PrCeduRe
wRitTn iN stOne. I
jSt hV 2 cHop oFf
thEse hNds


From the writer

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This poem was composed on Twitter via my Motorola Rzr phone in north Milwaukee in January of 2009. For 20 days in a row, I would set an alarm on my phone to go off at a particular time during the day (e.g., 3:15pm, 7pm, 11:30pm, etc.). When it went off, I would stop what I was doing and compose a 140-character poem on the spot using language I found around me at the time. My goal was to try to make these as expansive as possible, so I took the logic of SMS abbreviations to an extreme, leaving out nearly all the vowels and quite a few unnecessary consonants. I also embraced misspellings that conveyed more the sound of the words. A few years later, I pulled them off my Twitter archive and noticed how they resembled these recovered artifacts of a near-extinct era of media, so I reframed them as these archeological finds, recovered communications, not unlike the palimpsest texts found among the tombs of ancient Egypt, hence the title of the chapbook-length collection this poem comes from, rcvrdtxt. In the process of putting the manuscript together, I added the line breaks and capitalizations, and I made some minor edits for clarity.


Matt Trease is an artist, IT Administrator, and astrology junkie living in Seattle, WA. His poems have appeared in The Cordite Poetry Review, filling Station, Otoliths, VLAK, small po(r)tions, Juked, Hotel Amerika, Fact Simile, and other publications. He is the author of the chapbook Later Heaven: Production Cycles (busylittle1way designs, 2013).